1. Preservation2. Marazion3. Bedruthan Steps


Written and Produced by
Sebastian Plano & The Sea (Keynvor)
Cover Artwork by Havas London

The Album

Format: Digital
Release Date: April 13, 2018
Label: Mercury KX


From Mary-Anne Hobbs

Sebastian Plano: Music inspired by the Cornish Sea

Listen on BBC 6

Keynvor is the cornish word for 'Ocean'

In this collaborative project I have written a 3-track EP where I have combined recordings of the sea to create new compositions.

Back in the spring of 2018, I have received field recordings taken from around the Cornwall coast line, including caves, ports and native fauna. My approach was to keep the field recordings sounding as natural as possible and to create musical ideas that would complement the inherent musical qualities of these sounds. One can find so much musicality it in; a calm tide, the crash of waves, the bubbles or water hitting the rocks, all resulting on a perfect everlasting musical piece.

The project was done in collaboration with Mercury KX, Havas London and Sharp’s Brewery and its goal is to raise awareness and money through royalties to fight against plastic pollution in the Atlantic ocean.